The Raspberry Pi Escape Plan

In news that will not surprise anybody, I’ve just spent the last couple of hours doing an “Elliot”, and essentially turning the Raspberry Pi that’s been doing nothing on the corner of my desk for the last several months into something vaguely useful.

I can now remotely connect to it from anywhere in the world (I won’t explain how, because you would probably have an instant attack of narcolepsy and drown in your own bowl of cornflakes – if you happen to be eating cornflakes at the time – which I understand is very unlikely, but still I thought I should warn you).

Why would I want to connect to a Raspberry Pi? Because of Nazi network administrators, that’s why. You know when you try to visit a website or whatever from an office, and the security software says “that’s email – we’re not letting you”, or “that’s chat – we’re not letting you”, or “that’s social – we’re not letting you”… well this is a really, really nerdy way around the network nazis.

I can now fish a USB stick from my bag, run an SSH client, and open an encrypted connection to the Raspberry Pi sitting on my desk. From there, I can join chat rooms, read my email, write blog posts, play games, and whatever else I might wish to do. And nobody will be any the wiser.

Of course I didn’t need to do any of this.

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