A Magazine about Blogging

While perusing the various techie magazines in a high street shop this afternoon, waiting for Miss 16 to buy whatever it is that 16 year old’s take half an hour to agonise over in chemists, I stumbled upon a magazine about blogging.

It’s called “Blogosphere”, with the tag line “for bloggers by bloggers”. I have apparently purchased issue 9. Who knew it even existed ? (although it instantly strikes me that questioning the existence of something you had not been looking for is really quite foolish). I’ve just been flicking through it, and started reading one or two of the articles. Those few minutes have made me wonder about this place.

Why do I really bother writing a blog any more? What is it here for? Does anybody actually read it? Does it have any value? Does it need to have any value ?

I read a note by the author of a blog I used to read many years ago this afternoon, where she opined that her first love would always be personal blogs – online journals – like this, but that the vast majority of the “blogosphere” (horrible word, incidentally) think of life blogging as very “yesterday”.

I think we’ve all known that personal blogging really ended as a popular pastime in the mid to late 2000s. I’m guessing that era also coincides with Google no longer investing any effort in the Blogger platform that they acquired from Pyra labs, and then let stagnate – although I suppose you have to give them some credit for not pulling the plug on it, ten years later.

Anyway – if you’ll excuse me, I have a magazine to go and read. I’ll have to resist the tempation not to set fire to the features about fashion and food bloggers, but otherwise it looks like it might be interesting.

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