Birthdays, Chores, Mobile Phones, and Endless Rain

It’s 10:30am on Saturday morning. The washing machine is on it’s third load after getting up a little after 7am. Both of the younger kids are at football matches – Miss 12 with a friend a few miles up the road, and Miss 11 with her Mum a few more miles in the opposite direction. Rain is falling steadily.

We visited a friend’s house last night to help celebrate her birthday. I drank rather a lot, and felt quite second hand this morning. It’s funny – I’ve known her for about eight years now, and although we rarely spend any time together, when we do we get on famously. As our children grow up and go their various ways, it strikes me that we will need to try harder to stay in touch – we will no longer cross paths at school functions.

I’m hoping to head out this afternoon and replace my mobile phone. I looked in a phone shop last week at the various models available, and decided to hold off until I had at least read some end-user reviews on the internet. It’s looking almost certain that I’ll get an “Honor 8”. They are built by Huawei, and are pretty great for their price – on a par with the flagship handsets, but for half the price.

Anyway… Just received a call that Miss 11’s team won their match against the league leaders. Last year they swept all before them – it’s looking ominous again. They are on their way home, so will no doubt need dry clothes, cups of hot chocolate, and something to eat. Miss 16 is finally up too – I imagine she will tag along with me this afternoon – the phone store is just along the road from a book store that sells Manga books…

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