We watched “Warcraft” last night – the movie based on the massively multiplayer role playing game “World of Warcraft” (or more specifically the never-ending line of Warcraft role playing games, for the anal fans that will correct me immediately. There are rumours of a World of Warcraft sequel in the works).

I remember when the movie came out at the cinema, and got roundly hammered by the critics – the majority of which seemed to join in, as critics often do, throwing as much excrement as possible at the movie. Here’s the thing though – if you look at the ratings of the movie at the “Rotten Tomatoes” website, there’s a huge disparity between the journalists, and the public.

After watching the movie, I have to say I agree with the public. Sure, the movie isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s entertaining, interesting, and for somebody with at least a little knowledge of the game world it illustrates, it only begins to scratch the surface of a very deep canon of lore.

I’m not going to describe the story, beyond noting that this is very obviously the start of a story that will be told over several movies (if funding ever becomes available, given it’s lacklustre support at the box-office). It suffers from the same problems as “Dawn of Justice” – both introducing, and piecing together a vast number of back-stories, history, and characters in the space of a couple of hours. It’s almost impossible.

I will admit to smiling broadly as the human characters swept into Stormwind aboard Griffons – tracking the World of Warcraft video game almost perfectly. The meeting between the King and a young mage in an Inn should also make players of the game smile – the Inn is a perfect recreation of the one that all beginners playing human characters visit in the Elwynn Forest.

If you’re looking for an entertaining, exciting, popcorn munching movie to fill a weekend evening, Warcraft is a pretty good choice.

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