Working from Home

Today I find myself holed up in the study/junk room at home, drinking coffee, and trying to get my head around something I have been studiously avoiding at work for some time. The real reason I’m working from home is to take receipt of a replacement for the mobile phone I bought on Saturday. The same mobile phone I dropped and broke yesterday morning.

Yes, that’s right – after managing to not drop a mobile phone for a number of years, I managed to drop my two-day-old phone onto tarmac yesterday morning. By pure chance I had said “yes” to the option of insurance while standing in the mobile phone store, and after a few minutes on the phone, a new handset was dispatched from wherever it is they keep them. The irony is of course that a protective cover – that would have saved the phone – was on it’s way to me yesterday. When I arrived home I found a slim cardboard envelope on the desk in the junk room, containing a gel case.

The last phone I dropped was pretty spectacular. A windows phone. I was cycling home from work, and it flew from the pocket of my hoodie while travelling at about 20 miles per hour, and exploded into pieces as it bounced down the road. I picked the screen, motherboard, battery, and case back up off the (thankfully quiet) road, and snapped them back together. I couldn’t quite believe that it still worked, and survived with just a minor scratch on one corner.

This time I wasn’t so lucky – hence the immediate insurance claim, and the derision I faced when I got home and confessed to my other half what I had done.

So. Here I sit, sipping coffee from the machine in the kitchen, and avoiding getting on with anything for a few minutes. It’s already lunchtime – I should perhaps wander into the kitchen and make myself something to eat.

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