Resurrecting the Nerdy Stuff

I resurrected my personal homepage on the internet today – the site filled with techie stuff – programming snippets – nerdy stuff. I’m resisting the temptation to tell you where it is, because I would rather keep my personal and professional lives entirely separate from each other. It’s not that I don’t want co-workers reading these streams of consciousness (I don’t mind who reads) – it’s just that a little separation frees me to write about more subjects, if that makes sense.

I’ve spent the greater part of the evening copying old posts that were squirrelled away in Google Drive into the re-written blog posts. I haven’t attached any form of web analytics to the site yet, so have no idea if anybody is looking. Perhaps that’s not the point of doing it though. I’m doing it for a very simple reason : if I don’t write things down for an audience, I don’t write them down properly.

I’m the same with blogging – personal blogging, I mean. If I hand write posts in the Moleskine notebook sitting in the bottom of my bag, I always end up remarking about the quality of my handwriting, or doodling in the margin. I never get on with writing about the drama of the day. It’s kind of a Ninja level of procrastination.

If you were wondering – no, I don’t have anything to report tonight. Hence this post. My ability to write at length about nothing at all remains undiminished. If you’re half wondering if I’m covering up – deliberately not writing about what’s really going on, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you – my life really is this pedestrian.

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