A Quiet Day

I appear to be the only person on the entire floor of the office at work today. I’m also in-between projects, so am taking the chance to run backups, configure things, and do the general nerdy house-keeping chores that often get forgotten.

At the time of writing it’s just approaching 11am, and I’m thinking about eating my lunch. I know the sandwich van will arrive soon, I know the sandwich I made for myself is a bit rubbish, and I know I have money in my pocket. Do I eat everything I have now, and then pretend I didn’t bring lunch with me when the van arrives, or will my conscience prevent me from buying chocolate, fizzy drinks, and cookies to make it through the afternoon ? My conscience usually wins. It is Friday though – that’s got to count for something, right ?

If you see likes and comments on your blog from me today, you’ll know I’m procrastinating waiting for files to backup. I might even get around to scaling the vertical face of the blogs I pretend to follow, and catch up with the antics of all the people around the world I pretend to vaguely know.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sandwich to think about eating.

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