Writing a Paper Journal

Rather unexpectedly, I pulled the old Moleskine notebook from my bag this evening and began writing. I used to write in it almost every day – recording the thoughts I dare not post to the internet. On the shelf behind me in the junk room I have a small row of notebooks tracing idiotic thoughts, memories and ideas back to about 2006.

I thought about writing a diary when I was younger, but never quite developed the habit. I guess blogging came along about fifteen years ago though, and within a couple of years I was typing rather than writing. It’s worth remembering that in the early days people didn’t write blog posts anywhere near as often, and didn’t filter as much.

I still remember taking part in “National Blog Posting Month” in 2006, and thinking it was a big deal to try and post every day throughout November. One look at the frequency most people post to Tumblr or Twitter makes that endeavour laughable now.

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