Goodbye Weekend

It would have been nice to have seen more of this weekend. My other half has been sick, so I’ve spent the entire weekend washing and drying clothes, taking the children Christmas shopping for each other, dropping into the cinema to watch “Fantastic Beasts”, washing dishes, tidying up, grocery shopping, and all the other mundane tasks that seem to eat up every weekend.

Our youngest said she was sick on Friday night, but has been bouncing around like Spiderman all weekend. Go figure.

I did stop for a couple of hours earlier to watch the final F1 race of the year – and posted a comment about it to Facebook which reminded me instantly why I keep Facebook at the end of a very long stick. My brother reared his drunken, angry head, and started complaining about the result of the race. Congratulations – he’s now on my “Acquaintances” list, meaning he sees very little from me any more.

When did Facebook become so toxic ? When did people become so polarised ?

Anyway. A few hours of the weekend remain. The washing is done. I know one of our children has not touched her homework, and she will no doubt get detention for it – and I’m going to damn well let it happen. If she needs to learn the hard way, she needs to learn the hard way.

(half an hour passes)

Just got back from the corner shop. I now have a bottle of wine to keep me company for the rest of the evening. I doubt I’ll have more than two glasses because I’m rubbish at drinking, and old enough to know I don’t want to deal with a headache in the morning.

I wonder what TV shows I might find on the internet to busy myself with instead of watching random garbage on YouTube ?

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