Nothing to Report

This is going to be a wonderfully random post about nothing of consequence, because I really do have nothing of significance to report.

I returned to work today. I don’t feel appreciably better than yesterday, but even while supposedly home sick I ended up watching training videos for something at work. I’m terrible at doing nothing – I always have been. I can’t just sit still unless maybe I’m watching a movie or something similar.

Actually, thinking about it, that’s absolutely true – when I’m watching a movie I cannot stand others “half watching” the movie. Why bother watching something if you’re not going to give it all of your attention? I remember years ago I used to be the same with video games – I ended up only ever playing them in the dead of night, because then the phone couldn’t ring, or the door bell couldn’t go – so you didn’t get distracted.

It’s now a month since the whole experiment started with taking the personal blog “under the rader”, and I’m wondering if it’s really been worth it – because I haven’t changed the way I post at all. Maybe that’s not the reason I did it though – maybe it was just about drawing a line between things. I don’t think it’s really made any appreciable difference to the way I use the internet – I’ve just become more difficult to find.

If the URLs you found me at suddenly vanish in the coming days (or even later this evening), I won’t have necessarily gone anywhere – I’ll just have re-surfaced in a different guise.

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