Scout Elves and Chromebooks

When the children wake up tomorrow morning they will discover we have a visitor perched in the upstairs landing window. Our scout elf, “Grace”, has arrived via hot air balloon from the North Pole. She has attached a grappling hook made from candy canes to the dirty washing basket, and is balanced precariously in the gondola, waving towards the children’s bedrooms.

I don’t even want to imagine how fast Miss 11 will get up in the morning when I whisper “we have a visitor from the North Pole” in her ear.

I think this may be the last year she absolutely believes in “Father Christmas”. It’s funny really – her belief is so steadfast, you start to question it yourself – even though you’re involved in making the magic.

In other news, I finally put an order in for a new Chromebook – a laptop for myself. I’ve had a first generation Chromebook since they came out years ago, and it’s been great, but hardware has moved on in the four or five years since I first got it. The new one will be many times faster, and last many times longer on a battery charge – I’m hearing stories of 13 hours in end-user reviews.

I’m not entirely sure having a half-decent laptop will lead to better writing (almost certainly not), but at least a Chromebook means I can’t spend forever tinkering with it – which formed most of the reason for choosing it over a normal laptop. It will be fast, light, and last forever on battery – perfect for carrying around with me.

It will be delivered to home on Friday, so I’ll work from home. I’m travelling with work next week anyway, so that works out well. Another week living in a hotel, eating alone, and amusing myself in the hotel room each night. Maybe I can use that time productively? Actually read a book for a change, rather than write drivel in the blog (unless any adventures happen of course, then all bets are off).

Ah crap – it’s already 1am. Time for bed.

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