Tired Eyes

I didn’t really sleep the night before last – my other half kept waking up with a cough. I remember looking at the clock at 4am, and wondering if I could survive on three hours sleep. Somehow I did, but something entirely unexpected happened.

At about 11pm last night – while sitting in the lounge watching television, I checked my phone. I had trouble reading it. At first I thought I might have a floater in my eye, or something like that – so blinked a few times – but it wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t so much a patch of blurriness – more a small area right in the middle of my vision that looked (for want of a better word) corrupted.

I’ve had it happen once before – while on holiday one year. That time it went away after a few hours. Suspecting it was just down to tiredness, I went to bed – and it worked. Today my eyes have been absolutely fine – but it got me wondering about what’s really going on.

Was it down to tiredness? Or was it a migraine? Or was it something else?

I’m not going to look it up on the internet, because self-diagnosing is a very slippery slope indeed. I will check myself in for an eye test when I come back from the work trip next week though – and tell the optician what happened.

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