A Small World

While standing at the touchline of the football pitch watching our youngest daughter warm up with her team-mates for a match this morning, I got talking to one of the Dads. Turns out he’s a project manager at a client of the company I’ve worked for in the past. I immediately went into “walking on egg-shells” mode (not that I generally share anything anyway – our girls have been playing for the same team for the last 18 months – this is the first time I’ve spoken to him).

I just find it funny that the world is so small sometimes – that we can cross paths with somebody that is connected to us in more than one way – and it’s not the first time it’s happened to me either.

A long time ago – back when MySpace ruled the world wide web – I was randomly searching blog posts on it one night, and came across a photo of the beach about a mile from my parents house in Cornwall. I commented something along the lines of “I know that beach!”, and got into an email conversation with the girl that posted it. Over the course of months, and then years, we became close friends.

In more recent years I have crossed paths with literally hundreds of people through the blog posts I have written, or read. While many cross paths and continue on their way, now and again you crash into somebody, and see something in each other. I’m not sure how it works, and don’t imagine thinking about it too much will help – I’m just thankful for those few people out there, dotted around the world that I’ve become friends with over the years.

Sometimes I wish there were more, and then at other times I realise I’m lucky to have made any of those friends in the first place. I’m not always great at keeping in touch, and I’m not always great at telling people how much they mean to me, but rest assured – you all do.

Here’s to the internet, and small world it has created.

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