The Web Developer Exhales

I think the project I am working on has turned a corner today. After a colossal “sprint” over the last month, I pushed the fruits of my endless headbanging sessions onto the production servers this afternoon.

The term “sprint” refers to something called “Agile” – it’s where you start off with scraps of paper written by a customer, and just start building something as fast as you can – no technical design, no functional specification – you just start building something. I suppose it’s a bit like a kid with a box of lego. It’s kind of stressful if you care what anybody thinks of the thing you build. I tend to care too much – and end up going the extra mile in all directions. Every mile becomes two miles.

And the truth? I’m wiped out. I got out of the office at 5pm, walked across the plaza to the hotel, dumped my bag, and then straight into the restaurant. By 6pm I was back in the hotel room, sitting at the desk, writing this. I stared at the screen for a ridiculous amount of time before writing anything of consequence.

If you made it this far through the post, here – have a medal to pin on your coat. I imagine it as being some kind of decorative coin hanging from a ribbon – with “TLDR” embossed in it.

If you have been attempting to follow my tortuous route throughout the last few weeks, you will know that I have been cross-posting from WordPress to Tumblr, and LiveJournal. Cross posting was always a bit of an experiment, if I’m honest – a stupid, crazy experiment, but it was sort of useful too.

In my heart I wanted LiveJournal to still be the place it was ten years ago. In reality it has become a pale shadow of that place. There’s not so much tumbleweed rolling around, as no trace left of the once vibrant community that existed there.

Tumblr is rapidly going in the same direction. Five years ago Tumblr was insane – a mayhem filled maelstrom of brain dumps, life stream photos, and conversation. If you imagine it as once being a tumultuous sea, it is now a becalmed lake in a half-empty reservoir, slowly but surely ebbing away.

So yes – I’ll probably be stopping with the cross-posting idiocy. If you want to read the nonsense I write, you’ll have to wander over to the shiny domain at WordPress (

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have the remainder of season 2 of “Casual” to binge watch on my Amazon Fire tablet until 2am, rather than read any of the books I brought with me. Quite how I’m going to get through tomorrow night without going insane is anybody’s guess.

I go home on Friday.

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