Anyone for Weiqi ?

Our eldest daughter is being taught Japanese at the school she visits twice a week, I think mainly because an insightful teacher realised it would be an “in” with her, after a conversation about Manga and Anime.

At dinner she mentioned a board game the teacher had started to show her called “Go”. I will freely admit to almost turning inside-out. You see – I own a Go board, and yet I’ve never played it, because I could never find anybody that wanted to play it. It’s probably worth mentioning that it’s real name is “Weiqi”, and it comes from China. I’m not entirely sure how it became known as “Go”, because “Weiqi” translates to “encirclement board game”.


Cogs started turning in my brain, and I started looking at Go sets on Amazon – this could probably be classed as a mistake similar to the time I walked into the music store to buy a new HiFi about 25 years ago, and ended up spending three times as much as I had planned. It turns out there are Go sets, and there are Go sets.

Maybe it might be an idea to learn how to play the game before I click the “Buy it Now” button on something that while looking lovely and being something of a conversation piece, will also blow a hole the size of Manhattan in the Christmas budget…

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