Rogue One

We finally got to the cinema to watch Rogue One last night. As always when we all go, it was quite an effort – not least because my other half bumped into a friend in the cinema lobby, and stood chatting while I wrestled with popcorn, drinks, 3D glasses and so on. It didn’t help that my other half did her usual trick, and asked for a cup of tea. A cup of tea. At the cinema. Don’t ask.

When we finally got to our seats, I realised we had all been given child-sized 3D glasses, so raced back to the lobby to exchange them. Of course I got stuck behind the lady ordering every damn thing on the menu. When I finally did get served, although I didn’t say anything, I could see the girl realising she had given out child-sized 3D glasses to everybody in the theatre. As I made my way back I glanced around the cinema, and saw a sea of pink faces with tiny 3D glasses perched on their noses. How did they not realise?

Anyway – on to the movie!

I don’t want to give anything away for those that haven’t seen it, but then again – everybody knows what it’s about, don’t they?

In some ways the new movie reminded me of “A New Hope”, but on a much smaller scale. It’s not an epic in the same way as the original trilogy, or indeed “The Force Awakens” – it is self contained, executed wonderfully, with countless references to the wider Star Wars world we have grown up with. You could call it nostalgia, or you could call it attention to detail – but I thought it succeeded wonderfully in weaving the story into the wider narrative.

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