Contemplating a Bullet Journal for the New Year

I’ve been thinking about trying out a “Bullet Journal” for the new year. I have seen lots of friends on the internet start them, and have to admit it’s tempting. I’ll have to rationalise dumping the Filofax that I just re-filled, but at least a Bullet Journal won’t attract the same level of aloof staring that happens when I fish the Filofax from my bag (unless I go full idiot, and double up plans in both the Filofax calendar, and the Bullet Journal).

If I do it, I’ll need to go to the stationary store and get another book. I already have a Moleskine for paper journal entries (sadly neglected in recent months), and a second notebook for sketches (recently added to, for no particular reason). I’m starting to wonder though – can I really warrant carrying all this crap around with me?

If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, here’s a quick guide to “Bullet Journals”:

I guess my main questions about Bullet Journals is how you handle your plans changing all the time. As a good example, I have all sorts of plans in the first week of next year with work – but know that on the first day back in the office a decision will be made on them – and if they don’t happen, a crap load of them will either vanish, or get pushed into the next week.

The demonstrations of Bullet Journals online always look so neat, and tidy, and ordered – almost like it’s all a perfectly pretty work of fiction. My “real world” is never orderly, or well planned – it’s always chaotic.

I guess I need to start asking people how they are getting on with it – if they have kept up their Bullet Journals, and what their challenges have been.

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