Looking Back

It seems somehow appropriate, given that we are spending New Years Eve on our own at home, to look back over the last 12 months and write a few well considered words about how well or badly I think the year went. Here’s the thing though – I don’t think anybody is remotely interested in reading recycled recollections. Can we just say that all sorts of crap went on this year, and move on?


You do want to know what I thought of the year?

Maybe I can reduce it to a few bullet points:

  1. Some things went spectacularly well.
  2. Some things went spectacularly badly.
  3. I travelled too much.

The travelling too much thing has caused me to start considering the future for the first time in years – perhaps a different future. I’m not about to pontificate about what I might or might not do here though – I’ll tell the story if and when it happens.

I suppose I should remind myself that this year had one massive challenge in it – that ate two thirds of the year – and that I made oblique references to repeatedly. Maybe I should also remind myself how good I am at putting one foot in front of the other too, because it generally serves as a pretty good solution to most struggles I encounter.

If in doubt, keep going. Perhaps I should write in my last will and testament that I want a plaque on a bench somewhere – “This bench is in memory of Jonathan Beckett, who didn’t sit down here, because he kept going regardless”.

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