The one where my stomach re-programmed my brain

I took the remains of last night’s pizza with me to the office this morning – wrapped up in the sandwich bags I bought from the supermarket while waiting for the pizza to cook (and thinking myself tremendously clever for thinking of them).

Of course I wasn’t as tremendously clever as I thought, because I only bought small bags, and had no knife to chop the pizza up – so spent five minutes this morning ripping the leftover pizza into pieces with my hands. I suppose you could say I’m nothing if not resourceful (does ripping cold pizza up with your bare hands count as resourceful? I somehow doubt it).

It’s funny – when you don’t have a particular thing to eat for a few days, your brain starts telling you it’s the best idea in the world – which probably explains me trying to spend ten minutes walking around a supermarket looking for nothing in particular while waiting for the pizza to cook last night. If however you then eat that pizza for dinner, supper, breakfast the next morning, and lunch the next day, your brain starts re-programming itself with “make him hate it”.

I’m wondering if my brain and stomach have a relationship similar to the robot in the movie “Zathura”, which randomly draws a “re-program” card, causing it to change it’s entire personality.

This is all getting a bit meta. Let’s just say I couldn’t face any more junk food this evening. I couldn’t even face a pub meal – which, let’s face it, would have been a combination of chips, vegetable, and pie.

Half an hour later I arrived back at the hotel with a selection of vegetable sushi things, and some chopped fruit. I always feel bad eating Sushi, because the chefs obviously put quite some effort into making it, only for me to throw it in my cake hole and mangle it up.

It’s funny really – how I can’t go without fresh fruit and vegetables for long. I guess the main reason is because I live with a family of five at home, of which two are vegetarian, and one is coeliac – so almost every meal we have is cooked from fresh ingredients. You get used to fresh fruit and vegetables, and really miss them when you don’t have them.

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