Booking Tickets for Future Travel

I spent the majority of today either filing expense claims for recent travel, or (rather craftily, I thought) filing expense claims for trains tickets that haven’t arrived yet, and hotel stays that have yet to happen.

The next couple of weeks are going to be a bit of a nightmare. It all starts on Sunday night, and a trip to Manchester (250 miles away), where I will stay for two nights before moving on to Leeds (again, 250 miles away). At the end of theweek I come home, before leaving again the following Monday for Leeds once more, coming back at the end of that week.

Each journey back and forth will take five or six hours. While in Manchester I’ll be staying at the hotel just across from the BBC television studio. While in Leeds I’ll be staying alongside the canal my Grandfather once worked on.

During the daytime during this far-flung adventure, I’m pretending to be a teacher once more. Standing in front of a room full of strangers, quietly having panic attacks every time I show my students anything at all – half expecting the system to fall over at every turn. Years of working with technology has reduced me to a fairly consistent level of stress, pessimism and fear.

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