From a Distance

While reading the blogs I follow at lunchtime, I spotted a post from a friend that has been absent for some time. They have been rattling around the back of my mind – causing me to wonder about asking after them or not. Seeing their words again lifted me enormously.

I often find myself trapped in similar circumstances – becoming friends with people over the vast reaches of the internet, never letting them know how much I think of them, and then feeling loss as life’s currents sweep them off in a different direction.

I’ve given thought to the tenuous friendships we forge on the internet before – likening us all to leaves floating along a river. Sometimes we cross paths fleetingly, and sometimes we travel along together for some distance before eventually parting and heading in different directions. I find both situations hard to cope with.

Sometimes you can meet somebody for a few moments, and feel like you have always known each other. At other times you can look at somebody you have known for years, and wonder if you really know them at all.

Today was a good day though. Today was a day when a leaf I thought I might never see again re-appeared, and I smiled.