Heading North Again

Tomorrow afternoon I will walk to the railway station across town, and spend the greater part of my Sunday evening travelling north towards Manchester. After arriving, a taxi will deliver me to a hotel not far from the BBC Television Studios, from where I will depart for a nearby office on Monday morning.

I’m teaching again – or rather, teaching and building at the same time for the first half of the week. It doesn’t really help that I’m decidedly not a teacher. I’m a developer that happens to be quite good in front of people (believe me, that’s not always the case). I know a number of inspirational teachers through both the schools our children attend, and through my other half, who works at a school. That’s why I know I’m not a teacher – they are a breed apart, and will forever have my respect and admiration.

I’ve spent the whole of Saturday so far washing and drying clothes. I imagine I’ll fetch the suitcase I typically use a little later, and begin ironing shirts. The coming week is a little more complicated than usual, because I’ll start the week in one city, and end it in another. Two distinct destinations. Two hotels. Five train journeys. Lots of people I’m meeting, and working with for the first time.

The second half of the week will be spent in Leeds – another northern city. I’m staying at the Holiday Inn, which always recalls the Elton John track in my head. They serve free breakfasts, although the scrambled egg is best avoided – it could probably be used to fill car shock absorbers.

As ever, expect me to hit the social internet with stories of odd people on trains, sitting alone in hotel restaurants, and bouts of insufferable navel gazing.

I suppose I should really go and find that suitcase…

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