Random Utterances

It’s 9pm. I’m hundreds of miles from home again. Holed up in a hotel again. Scheduled to arrive at an office block across the city I’m staying in tomorrow morning to pretend to be a teacher again.

When I woke this morning, I seriously considered calling in and cancelling all the travel this week. I think I have flu. No snotty nose or anything – just a huge temperature, and no energy. I sat for the 5 hour train ride here, drank lucozade, and ate chocolate. It gave me some energy, but now I have sores in my mouth as a result. They say sores happen when you’re run down, don’t they. I bought some “max strength” flu medicine, and as many chicken salad type things as I could find from the corner shop before retiring for the night.

At least it looks like I might be able to have the half-term week off. The stack of things in my calendar are starting to re-arrange – not unlike the stairs in Hogwarts. The request had been denied previously. It means being away for all of next week though, which isn’t ideal. I’ve now been away from home for the better part of a month. Being home only on weekends isn’t much fun, because you’re consumed with washing and drying clothes, rather than anything fun.

The blog has been on my mind again. Given the idiocy going on in the US at the moment, it struck me that I need to take regular backups, in case any idiotic rules are enforced on the internet (I know it sounds ridiculous, but ridiculous things are happening at the moment). My blog is somewhere in an American server farm at the moment – I would hate to lose any of it. I did start thinking about self-hosting it on the Raspberry Pi that sits un-used on the floor of the junk room at home.

I should really try and sleep. Give my body a chance to fight this virus off. Expect to see me online quite a bit over the coming days. If you use any of the common instant messaging apps, let me know – I’ll give you a shout.

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