For One Day Only

I’m back in the office today – for one day only – enough time to file expenses from the last several weeks, sit in on a few meetings, and then trundle home on my bike again.

I planned on writing a blog post yesterday evening, but the opportunity escaped me. After letting myself back into the house (nobody heard me knocking on the door), I dropped my bags, then immediately turned around to pick up our youngest daughter from her dance class. She saw me through the glass of the corridor window leading to the gymnasium, lost concentration, and ruined a routine the class were practicing. I felt sorry for her as the dance teacher marched towards her, waggling her finger.

I really don’t want to be here today. The endless weeks of travelling are starting to wear me down. I’m not sure if I mentioned earlier in the week, but I’ve had sores in my mouth for the last several days – I think I recall reading somewhere that they are caused by being run-down. I’ve been trying to defeat them by using mouthwash twice a day (to kill everything), but I’m guessing the open sores just take time to heal.

Roll on the weekend. I’m trying not to think about heading north yet again on Monday for another stretch in a far-flung hotel.

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