Sunday Morning

After an early night to give my body every chance possible of fighting off the virus that’s been hanging over it for the last week, I slid out of bed a little before 8 this morning, had a shower, shave, brushed my teeth, made a cup of tea, and then started looking for clothes to re-pack my bag. I still feel awful, but I’m hoping a quiet day at home will help in some way.

Tomorrow lunchtime I leave town once more aboard a train – yet another five hour adventure north. I’ll be away until the end of the week again. The hotel is booked, and the train tickets are on the desk in front of me. My clothes are already packed – I just have to figure out what TV show I’ll fill the Fire Tablet up with. I started watching a forgettable 1960s TV show called “That Girl” on Amazon Prime last night, but lost interest by half-way through the second episode. Maybe I should stick with it. Sometimes forgettable is good.

In other news, I’ve decided to keep the blog here at WordPress, no matter what happens with the pretend dictator in charge of the US at the moment. I figure that if he tries to shut the internet down, the internet will fight back pretty spectacularly.

Apologies for my posts not being that interesting of late. Life hasn’t so much been throwing me lemons, as sitting on my chest.

There was one thing that happened yesterday, but I’ve decided not to write anything about it yet.

Somebody I know posted a deliberately inflammatory post on Facebook defending the idea of faith against science – trying to make science look stupid. If I had replied at length, he would have won his actual intention – to garner attention from the crowd. Instead I posted a link to the book “The Dinosaur Hunters” by Deborah Cadbury, and urged everybody to read it. If they do, they will realise how despicable, underhand, and currupt organised religion has historically been. You really can’t make it up – and the book tells the story wonderfully.

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