So I had this dream…

I had a weird dream last night. I can’t remember much about it now, other than it made a lot of sense in the dream to shut this blog down, and start again elsewhere, but never let on my identity.

I’ve (almost) always posted under my real name. I’ve (almost) always thought that writing under any kind of cloak of anonymity was ridiculous, because the comments could be used to figure out who you were. My brain has obviously been putting some resources into doing it somewhere though, otherwise the dream wouldn’t have happened.

The more I think about it, the more interesting the idea becomes. A clean slate. Sure, I’ve been writing online for a very long time, but nobody digs through the old stuff, do they ? I would of course tell a few close friends who’s blogs I follow about the move (if it happens), but probably nobody else.

Starting something new means coming up with a name though – and that’s probably the most difficult thing in the world if you’re me. What on earth do you call something if it’s not about anything in particular ?

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