Friday Morning Coffee

After being sick for the better part of two weeks, my body finally appears to have remembered it has an immune system, and has wandered off to see what on earth it’s been doing for the last several days. I imagine a heated argument must have happened overnight, given the progress that’s suddenly being made.

The strangest thing about finally getting better is that I’m drinking coffee once again. I haven’t touched any coffee since Christmas – for some reason the rag-tag collection of viruses I’ve been doing battle with made even the thought of drinking coffee somewhat abhorrent. I can only imagine it’s something to do with brain chemistry (at least it proves I have a brain though, right?), or some kind of subliminal programming on the part of tea manufacturers.

Thankfully I am still on leave from work, so am planning a final day of doing very little indeed to give my lackadaisical body a final chance to sort itself out. Doing nothing is harder than it sounds though – you’ll be sitting in silence in the lounge with the laptop, and become aware that the house is too quiet. You realise the washing machine and tumble dryer are not running. They are always running. There must be an unwashed clothes mountain somewhere that you are not aware of yet.

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