I hit the ground running this morning, and started the programming for a new project. I completely lost track of time, and before I knew it there was only an hour or so of the day remaining. I had a goal in mind – something I wanted to get working before the day ended, but didn’t quite get there. It’s still annoying me now.

After a slow cycle home with a headlight on the fritz, I tumbled in the back door to a wall of children telling me all at once that there were ready-meals lined up on the kitchen counter for them to eat for dinner, which dinner was for which person, and that my other half was at a school thing. The kitchen was trashed, the living room was trashed, and there were coats, bags, and shoes thrown all over the hallway floor. I very nearly lost the plot.

An hour and a half later I had fed everybody, washed up, cleared the house up, and sat down to eat my own dinner. While eating, I questioned the kids on what they had done since they got in. I also presented evidence that Miss 12 had been stealing money from the penny jar at home, and buying chocolate on her way home from school. She stormed off, telling me that I was “having a go at her”. Guilty as charged then.

It’s now half past nine. The kids are back from an after-school club, my other half is back, and there are running arguments upstairs about anything they can think up that might result in not going to bed just yet, because you absolutely need to go and shout something at your sister.

Thank the maker for the internet, and a place to escape in plain sight. I don’t think I’ve appreciated being able to jump down the internet rabbit hole as much as I have in the last few days in quite some time.

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