Missing a Day

Well of course I didn’t “miss a day”. I didn’t lose a day. Thursday happened. I just didn’t post anything yesterday – mainly because if you’re a software developer, now and again you actually have to do some software developing (who knew?), and that generally entails sitting in front of a computer for many hours consecutively, secretly wishing you had taken up an alternative career.

I’m joking of course. I’ve heard people draw parallels between all sorts of brainiac jobs in the past, and they always seem to mention the “losing track of time” aspect – that you can become so engrossed in your work that you shut everything else out. I know – I’ve done it. You get to a point late in the afternoon, or evening, where you you start to shake, and wonder “why’s that happening” – then you remember that you made a lunch at 7:30am that’s still sitting in your bag, festering away.

I can’t begin to count the number of cups of coffee I typically drink during a working day. It’s too many. Some people have mentioned in the past that they cannot drink coffee in the evening because they will not be able to sleep. I think that’s rubbish. I can drink coffee just before going to bed, and still flake out within minutes of sliding under the covers. Maybe the colossal caffeine intake over the years has made me immune ?

I could really do with a colossal bar of chocolate. A part of my brain is whispering that the service station just down the road often sells enormous bars of chocolate at a discount. The service station will be open. No. No, I will not go. I am stronger than that. This is where my psyche splits into two opposing factions, and I start talking to myself like Gollum.

“You knows you wants the Chocolate. You could get us some if you just walked up the road.”

“No. Don’t listen to us. We will just get fat and spotty. And then nobody will like us.”

“But some people does like us. And they is wonderful.”

“Lies. Nobody likes us because we sits staring at computers all day and doesn’t get out. We has no friends”

… and so it goes on (probably).

Anyway. I might just go and make myself a coffee. I’ve been drinking wine all evening, and if I drink another glass, there’s a greater than average risk that I’ll switch into “speak your mind” mode, and either profess my undying love for somebody (probably the person selling chocolate at the service station), or my hatred of all project managers in the known universe.

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