Another Day

I am now five days into the desperate sprint to build what has turned out to be a far more complex project than anybody imagined when the brief arrived in my in-box several months ago. The “finger in the air” quote I gave to the sales people got turned into an official tender, which we won. Guess who’s now busting his ass to deliver something he’s happy with.

It doesn’t help that the wolves have already started circling – trying to take days here, there, and everywhere from an already short sprint.

I’ve said this before, but I sometimes wonder about changing career completely, and doing something far less stressful. Something I can walk away from at the end of the day, and not think about all evening. I think last time I started wondering, I pontificated about blogging, and then laughed at my own idiocy. Who wants to read this rubbish?

Of course I shouldn’t slate my own blog, but it is a bit rubbish sometimes, isn’t it. I have no editorial calendar – no plan – I just sit here and empty my head each day. Sometimes it’s interesting, and sometimes it’s not very interesting at all. The not very interesting days sometimes give rise to unimaginably stupid journeys into the darker corners of my mind though – so there’s a chance of something interesting even among the detritus.

A wonderful friend commented yesterday that I seem quite adept at writing about nothing. I suppose that means nothing is something. Hmm…

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