Coming Up for Air

I’m sitting, gazing absently at the computer screen, and can’t think what on earth to write. I’ve been buried in a vast software development project at work for the last few weeks, and it’s eaten most of my thoughts during waking hours. I’ve had the source code on my mind while cycling to and from work, while shopping for groceries – even while standing in the shower on a morning.

I’m tempted to load the source code up at home this evening, but know that’s the start of a slippery slope. I caved – spent three hours buried in source code, before clearing the kitchen up (again), and grabbing the brandy bottle from the drink cabinet.

I still haven’t made a start on the Apollo moon rocket model kit that the kids bought me for my birthday. I still haven’t looked at any of the books I was bought. I haven’t even watched any TV or movies for the last two or three weeks (aside for the night out to watch LEGO Batman at the cinema).

Let’s hope the world gives me a break some time soon.

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