Slow Start Sunday

I didn’t get out of bed until 10am this morning. I can’t remember getting up that late in months – maybe even years. I stumbled downstairs and discovered the younger children watching YouTube videos in the junk room, and my other half sitting in the lounge in a nest of old board games we had been sorting out yesterday, with a colouring book, and Sunday morning TV playing in the background. Some chef or other was showing you how to cook something while making conversation with a celebrity.

There are big plans afoot at home. We are finally getting rid of the desktop computers, and changing the junk room around entirely. It’s probably time – the computers have only really been used to watch television by the children for the last year – or for me to sit and nerd out over programming projects late at night. The entire room will be turned into a craft room for my other half, and occasionally the children. The main desktop PC has already been moved, and I imagine the other one will go to our middle daughter’s room, on condition she keeps it tidy.

Before we can really empty the room, we have an entire book case full of books to move, and a world of video game stuff to either sell, or parcel up and put in the attic. There’s about fifty Nintendo DS games, and a similar quantity of X-Box 360 games. As much as I tell myself that I still play games, I can’t actually remember the last time I played a video game – it’s weeks, if not months ago. The junk room also has drawers and drawers filled with a veritable museum of gadgets, cables, and bits and bobs that have never quite been thrown away. I wouldn’t mind betting that we could fill an skip if we really went through the house ruthlessly.

In-between washing, cleaning, and turning rooms upside down, we took the children to watch Chelsea Ladies play football today. Our younger girls both play football, and we only live about 40 minutes from the ground where Chelsea Ladies play, so it’s a fun afternoon out now and again. OF course it helps that the team is essentially half of the England national squad, and a collection of other world-class players. I can never get over how strong, and how fast they are.

Anyway. I should sleep. Tomorrow I am back in the office, and trying to juggle a shit-storm. I know that’s a mixed metaphor, but f*ck it.

Oh – one last thing – after football earlier we visited a craft store, and I bought an “air brush” to help paint the Apollo moon rocket kit the kids bought me for my birthday. I have no idea when I’ll get around to building it, but at least I’m amassing the appropriate kit to do a half-decent job on it. It’s a cheap air-brush, but will only be used once or twice I imagine. I asked my other half if I can use her craft room to build the rocket kit, and she said “of course not!”…

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