Returning to the Fold

If you were wondering where I have been for the last month or so, I went on something of a blogging adventure, writing under an assumed name at Blogger. I thought it might be interesting to write under a cloak of anonymity – that it might provide a level of freedom to speak my mind – but the reality was that I became paranoid of being “found out”, so never wrote anything even remotely controversial.

In a strange way, reverting back to being “just me” has been more freeing than assuming a pseudonym. No more pretences, double identities, or multiple logons to manage. It’s probably worth mentioning that Yahoo and Tumblr have become so broken that I cannot delete the Tumblr account I had been playing with over the last several days. It’s laughable really.

So what does the future hold? More of the same old nonsense you might have expected from me in the past really. Tales of every-day life. My thoughts about the inconsequential and mundane.

I suppose this is the point where I stop writing about writing, and start writing. Maybe a cup of tea might be an idea before I begin though.

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