Carrying a World

I’m still buried in a huge development project at work – I dread to think how many thousand lines of Javascript are now in play. For the last couple of days I’ve found myself working pretty much around the clock. Burning the candle at both ends.

I have been the only developer on the project for the past month – from early meetings, through to delivery of the finished product. It feels like carrying a world on my shoulders – a world of my own invention. The entire project has been dependent on my ability to write vast quantities of stable code very quickly. Not much fun.


It’s heading towards midnight once again, and I’m spending the final few minutes of the day writing here rather than watching garbage TV, or hooking my work laptop back out of my bag to obsess over the code for another hour.

For the longest time I tried to write a blog post every day – but the reality of doing that is you end up scratching around for the most mundane rubbish to write about – saying something, rather than having something to say. In somewhat related news, I looked at bullet journals again at the weekend – the paper books designed for them. I was in the local stationers looking at books and greetings cards, and spied the bullet journals. I almost bought one, until I realised they cost almost twice as much as a Moleskine notebook. Um. Nope.

Repeat after me – Jonathan does not need a bullet journal. He has a Filofax that works very well, and has done for the past who-knows-how-many-years. He also has Google Calendar, which is very good at telling him which day to put the garbage out (tomorrow night).

Oh look – the clock has ticked past midnight. High time that I crawled into bed and at least tried to sleep before another 18 hour day at the Javascript coal face.

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