Nothing to Report

I’m sitting in the living room, on my own, in the dark. It’s heading towards half past eleven in the evening, and I’m the last person up. My other half went to bed an hour ago, and the kids half an hour before her. Tunein Radio is playing on the Roku – a random succession of classical music at the moment. I was going to look for something by Sibelius, but couldn’t figure out how.

One of our cats is curled up on the couch next to me, purring like a motorbike. I sometimes wonder how many hours of the day he spends sleeping – it’s got to be in the region of 18 or 20 hours sleeping – it’s ridiculous.

We watched the Disney movie “Moana” this evening. Our youngest daughter had seen it at the cinema with friends, but the rest of us had not. I fell asleep half-way through it. I don’t think that’s so much a reflection on the movie, as on the last few week’s I’ve had. Life seems to be finally catching up with me. There’s only so much coffee you can drink, even if you do seem to be immune to caffeine.

I’m too tired to think of anything earth-shatteringly interesting, or witty to write about, so I’m going to hit publish on this post in a few moments. As soon as the tumble dryer has finished I’m off to bed. Roll on the weekend.

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