I guess you could call this an “early” (read:unedited) release of the blog archives in Kindle format.

If you’re unsure of how to get them onto your Kindle, just click on the links to download each file, and then email them to your Kindle (you can find out your Kindle email address in the Amazon website under “manage devices”).* 2003
* 2004
* 2005
* 2006
* 2007
* 2008
* 2009
* 2010
* 2011
* 2012
* 2013
* 2014
* 2015
* 2016

If you get stuck, email me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

If you’re interested in knowing how I built these books, there is an Amazon tool called “kindlegen” that accepts HTML as a source, and turns it into a book. I just had to prepare each year of the blog as an HTML file – I built my own Python script to do it. My job was made easy because I keep each post in markdown format, so was able to write a Python script to both convert the files to HTML, and to concatenate them.

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