Self Publishing

Ever since I started posting a blog on the internet, I have been quite careful to keep a backup copy of the words I have written – it stretches all the way back to 2003. There are probably posts scattered across the “Wayback Machine” from the previous few years, but I can’t even remember which websites they might have been found in.

This week I started tidying up the archives – cleaning up the text, and tinkering with various tools that might let me turn each year into an e-book. With the help of some lateral thinking, and some software developer nerd powers, I quickly figured out how to build Amazon Kindle e-books – it turns out they are far easier than EPUB books.

Once I get around to writing a preface, a disclaimer, and all the other rubbish you expect to top and tail a book with, I’ll make the finished files available for download. I looked at the process involved to make the books available at Amazon, but discovered you can’t self publish a free book (no, really) – so will just make them available for free download.

Watch this space!

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