Builders were supposed to arrive at our house today to finish replacing the flat roof at the back of our house. I got up at 7, had a shower, shave, brushed my teeth, got dressed, made a coffee, and then called them to find out what time they might be arriving. Tomorrow. Damn. Turns out stuff they were waiting on before finishing the job hadn’t arrived yet.

So. It’s 8am, I have the day off, and I’m up – which is miraculous seeing as I didn’t go to bed until 2am. I wonder how many days in a row I can get away with 5 hours sleep?

I spent some time last night trying to convince a friend about applying to become a WordPress “Happiness Engineer”. I’ve thought about doing it myself in the past, but given the risk that they might not take me on at the end of the trial period, and that I have a family of five to provide for, I’ve never taken the risk.

I guess in my case I know that I won’t be a software and web developer forever. I’m not sure if I’ll be left behind, or become sick of it all first. There is no real “route upwards” where I work either – I’ve been “senior” for years now, and have no interest in becoming a project manager (read: the enemy).

Ideally I need to win the lottery, become independently wealthy, and then spend my days sitting in coffee shops people watching, and writing about the people that cross my path in an epic blog about trophy wives, entitled assholes, the narcissistic, and the self obsessed.

Of course winning the lottery means playing the lottery. This is where I admit I have never played it- I typically roll my eyes when anybody ahead of me in a queue starts asking for lottery tickets and scratch cards.

So. I have another day off today. Another day to pretend I’m “somebody” in the blogging world. Another day to post my idiotic face on Tumblr, just-so pictures of coffee on Instagram, and forgettable words on WordPress. If you’re at a loose end, or procrastinating famously, give me a shout – I have nothing but time this week.

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