Mid Morning Radio

There’s something they don’t tell you about having a “staycation”. While you’re sitting quitely in the lounge with your laptop mid-morning, and the radio is still playing in the kitchen because you didn’t switch it off after the breakfast show, a scheduled show starts that you don’t normally hear, because you’re at work.

The show is presented by the kind of calming voice that death row inmates probably hear on the morning of their execution. You could quite happily walk in front of a train while listening to the voice, as it talks about the most unimaginably mundane bollocks.

Suddenly daytime television becomes persuasive. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would write.

In other news, I scraped myself out of bed at 8am this morning. I woke at 6, and thought about getting up. It’s amazing how quickly procrastination wins out over productivity.


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