Miss 11 becomes Miss 12 today. I’m wondering where the time has gone. The tiny little girl with blonde curly hair has become a leggy gazelle with athlete’s curves, and a smile that makes friends for her at the drop of a hat.

She got a new bike for her birthday. A “Victoria Pendleton” single-speed hybrid, with a shopping basket. After talking to the staff in the bicycle shop, it would appear the reign of the mountain bike is well and truly over – they are being massively outsold by traditional bicycle designs. It would appear everybody has grown tired of maintaining ridiculous numbers of gears on bikes that are only ever used to either commute, or to visit friend’s houses.

I built the bike from it’s storage box late last night, and watched Miss 12’s first few minutes with it this morning – ensuring that I hadn’t missed anything – that nothing fell off, and nothing moved that shouldn’t.

In a few minutes we leave for the bowling alley, and the birthday party. Fourteen school friends will hopefully meet us there for a game of bowling, a burger, and a pile of fries. It’s going to be interesting – half of the children will be from her previous school, and half from her new school – the two groups will not know each other.

If I survive, I’ll write more later.

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