Here There and Everywhere

I returned to the office this morning – just long enough to clear email, and start fixing issues discovered on a client site. After a couple of hours working magic over a remote connection, I downed tools, unplugged my laptop, and cycled home again – against the wind. I hate cycling against the wind.

Once home I made a cheese sandwich, talked my eldest daughter into offering the workmen finishing our roof a cup of tea, picked up my bags, and left once again.

An hour later I sat on the first of three trains headed north. Just for fun one of the train change-overs involved a 400 yard walk between two stations in the same city. I followed the crowd, and they lead me directly to the place I knew I should be next. Always helpful.

I would regale you with stories of unhinged passengers I shared seats with along the way, but today was remarkably boring. I didn’t bother with seat reservations, and somehow ended up with pretty women choosing to sit next to me for the entire journey – which surprised me as I was wearing scruffy jeans and a “Where’s Wally” t-shirt. Maybe I look trustworthy ?

At the time of writing the clock ticked past 8pm a little while ago. I’m in my hotel room, having survived the “table for one” adventure that I love to hate. I noticed that the thirty-something lady that dealt with me was far better at pretending to be happy than the 18 year old girl that took my plate away. She sounded cheery while asking if I wanted anything else, but when I looked up I was met by the most bored expression in the known universe. I know the face well – Miss 16 fires it at me when I summon her to see something I think she might be interested in.

The big question is what I do next. I have the Kindle with me, filled with books I haven’t read. I also have the work laptop, filled with the internet. Behind me lurks a huge hotel bed. I can almost hear sleep calling me now.

What would you do ?


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