Preparing to Fly

In a couple of hours I’ll be on the first of a couple of trains, headed towards London Heathrow airport. I’m flying to Frankfurt in Germany for the week – living the life described so expertly by the movie “Up in the Air” for a few days – except of course I’ll be flying economy.

I won’t pretend I’m not stressing about the flight. I’m leaving for the airport an hour earlier than I really need to. I’ve also been stressing about what can go in my carry-on luggage, versus what can go in the bag I’ll be checking in. Late last night it suddenly occurred to me that I’ll need to buy some converters for power sockets. I’ll have a look in the airport on the way, and file them as expenses – co-workers following the same route can borrow them.

I’m not taking much with me – my work laptop, two phones (personal and work), an Amazon Fire Tablet, my Filofax, a few changes of clothes, and a wash-bag. That’s pretty much it. I did entertain the idea of fitting everything into one carry-on bag, but then realised I’ll need a bag to carry the computer into the office.

I haven’t flown anywhere for the better part of ten years. The world has moved on somewhat – I have an electronic boarding pass on my phone, with a barcode on it. Given that I need to check a bag in, it seems a bit ridiculous. I suppose it will shortcut the procedures if I wave my boarding pass at check-in.

I’m staying right in the heart of Frankfurt, alongside the river. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go for walks on an evening, eat at relaxed places outside (if it’s nice), and see a little of the city – even though only at night. I doubt I will wander far from my hotel, but you never know. Expect a succession of people-watching blog posts over the coming week. The hotel has a breakfast area, and a bar at least – maybe that’s where I’ll camp out if the weather is horrid.

I think accessing theinternet will be fine while in Frankfurt. My personal mobile phone contract says I should get free access as per normal – not sureabout the work phone. The hotel supposedly has free WiFi (har har – I’ve seen that before) – it will probably be good enough to post to the blog though. I wonder if my mobile will automatically handle the dialling codes ?

Anyway – I suppose the next post will be from Frankfurt – wish me luck!

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