Nothing to Report

It’s just gone 9pm on Monday evening. I’m not sure where the day went. I seemed to spend most of it holed up in the conference room at work – either watching presentations, or talking to visitors about technical stuff.

I missed lunch. I was at the back of the room when the sandwich delivery guy arrived, and somebody else made the executive decision that we wouldn’t need to get anything to eat. I’m not entirely sure how I kept my mouth shut. It didn’t help that one of the managers sat and ate rubbish throughout the meeting – he seems to have pockets full of crap to eat all the time.

I’m not sure where the evening has gone either. A friend knocked on the door while I was washing up after dinner, and I realised it had already gone past 8pm. Given that I arrived home at 6, I’m not sure how dinner took two hours. I’m beginning to suspect there’s some kind of time travel anomaly going on in our house.

The kids were supposed to wash up after dinner. And that’s why I ended up washing all the pots, putting everything away, and cleaning the kitchen after they had “finished”. I suggested it would be quicker if I just did it all, but that got my head bitten off by my other half.

I’m getting shouted at quite a lot recently. I’m not really sure why.

Anyway – here’s to tomorrow, and maybe not waking up at 5:30am again.

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