Late Night Thoughts

I guess technically I’ve already missed posting anything for “Thursday” – it’s already nearly 1am on Friday morning. I’m playing the age-old game of “staying up late to avoid tomorrow” – or rather, that’s what I would like you to think. The reality is far more mundane – I’m waiting on two computers to finish running updates.

I wiped my old netbook and desktop computer earlier. I put Windows 7 back on them, and the old version of Microsoft Office I’ve had kicking around for years. Windows 10 is very lovely, but on seven year old hardware it kind of sucks ass. This isn’t all a ruse to get Second Life running faster, honest. While installing Windows on the desktop machine, I stumbled upon some marketing idiocy from Microsoft that I had forgotten all about. Did you know that Windows artificially limits the amount of memory it will use in a computer based on the version of Windows you bought? Windows 7 Starter is limited to using 2Gb of RAM. The next version up can use 4Gb, and the next after that 8Gb. It’s insanity.

Changing subject violently, I watched a good movie tonight – a silly romantic comedy with John Cusack and Diane Lane called “Must Love Dogs” (or something similar – I forget now). People always seem surprised when I admit that I love that kind of movie. You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Serendipity, Forrest Gump… anything with a good story really. I’ve never quite understood the “Guy Flick” versus “Chick Flick” thing – and I’ve never understood people that pre-judge things. I guess that’s a part of the reason I read so many of the classic books years ago – to find out what they were like for myself. Anna Karenina is awesome by the way.

I’ve never managed to read Moby Dick – not for want of trying. I’ve probably started reading it four or five times over the years.

Anyway. It’s now 1am. I really should try and get some sleep.


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