Sunday, Sunday

This weekend seems to be doing it’s level best to vanish without a trace. I’ve been stuck at home all day, washing clothes, washing dishes, hanging stuff out to dry, throwing more stuff in the tumble dryer, making lunches, cleaning up from room to room, and basically having no life.

In-between running here, there and everywhere I have been logging into Second Life and chatting with strangers.

We went to a charity fund-raiser at the school our youngest attends last night. While we sat in a hall with perhaps a hundred other parents and children playing Bingo, drinking fizzy drinks, and eating chocolate, some of our friends were standing in a field alongside the river in our home town, drinking massively over-priced drinks, and watching a few live acts on stage mostly so they could post their “highest piss in quite some time” photos all over Facebook.

Here’s the thing – it cost more for them to set foot on the field than we typically pay for our food for an entire week. Fuck that. I overheard a lady in her mid-50s walking through town yesterday complaining that the food in the various places on-site was expensive. Well duh. You should have realised you were being ripped off the moment you paid for a ticket. The entire thing was designed to promote elitist snobbery at every turn.

I’ll shut up about it now.

I’m listening to the soundtrack to “Hackers” at the moment – a compilation of Prodigy, Leftfield, and various other dance acts from the early 1990s. If you’ve not see the movie it’s hilariously awful, but in a “so bad it’s awesome” kind of way. It stars Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie before they became famous.

Anyway – time to catch up on Tumblr, and perhaps a few blogs elsewhere while waiting for the next load to go through the washing machine. Fun times. Not.

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