Half an Hour to Save the World

After sitting in the conference room since I arrived at work this morning, I’m finally back at my desk, with a half-hour window to post this before heading into town. A co-worker is leaving today, so we’re all trooping off to a local pub for lunch together. Saying our goodbyes.

He’s off to California for three months with some friends to throw himself to the wolves – they have acquired Y-Combinator funding for the development of an app, and will be living in San Francisco while building it. I question how much they really want it, because why the hell would you live in the most expensive city in the country when you could live half an hour away for half the cost? Because they want to party. That’s why.

I don’t think they have any clue how hard the start-ups on the west coast are willing to work to “make it”. If they don’t have that ethic at the outset… I just wonder.

So – I will go out to lunch today and keep my mouth shut.

Twenty minutes left now.

I have no work assigned today, but will be getting on a train tomorrow morning and heading into Central London for a tech event. It’s kind of a jolly really, except for the hour in the middle of the day marked as “networking”. If I have to listen to some project manager spouting acronyms at me over cold coffee, I might do something silly.

Expect photos of train platforms.

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