Stop the World

Do you ever have days when you wish the world would just slow down for a bit and give you a break ?

I left the house this morning without having a coffee, or breakfast in order to go to a carnival that our younger daughters were going to be in – standing on a float through a busy town about 40 minutes from home. While everybody else had breakfast, teas, and coffees, I ran around the house like a lunatic – putting washing on the line, folding washing up, putting more washing in the machine and so on.

At the back of my mind, I knew we would be out tomorrow too, so no washing would happen then either – and knew that I was travelling with work on Monday, so not only would I need clean school clothes for the kids for next week, I also needed my own.

Needless to say we’re slowly getting there. Since getting back mid-afternoon, I’ve pretty much set fire to the washing machine, and there are now clothes on the line outside, and hanging all over the house in various places.

While I ran back and forth with washing this evening my other half cooked dinner for everybody, and everything was great – right up until she discovered she couldn’t use the sink because the kids hadn’t washed up as they had promised. I found this out when I heard shouting and crashing around in the kitchen. Dinner had been burned in an epic “spinning too many plates at once” accident.

While writing this I’m waiting for the beers I put in the freezer to get cold to do so, and then I’m hoping to watch a garbage movie while drinking beer until I crash into bed. My phone is flat, in case you try and get hold of me – something else I need to sort out.

Roll on tomorrow.

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