Strange Dreams

I don’t usually remember dreams. I’m not sure why. I remember the dream I had this morning though – and again, I’m not sure why – perhaps because I told my other half about it while we ran around the house making lunches, finding school clothes, and whatever else this morning.

It’s worth noting that I woke with a start at 5:15 this morning, and was WIDE awake. I have no idea what woke me, and I can’t remember the dream I was having at the time – but then I obviously fell asleep, and the strangeness started.

I was on my way somewhere – dressed in warm clothes, and carrying a bag on my back. Walking through long grass towards a river. As I approached the river, I saw somebody I used to work with also approaching the river. He got into a rowing boat with somebody else, just a little way along the bank. I jumped straight into the river – fully clothed – and swam for the other side. Some bizarre logic in my head said I would dry out in no time, so there was no problem with swimming across.

Once out of the river, I was standing in a supermarket, and everybody was speaking a foreign language. I picked up some food and a drink, and took it to the checkout. There was one elderly man on the checkout – with several other shoppers taking turns to pay. The girl standing next to me, also waiting to pay was a friend from Norway – somebody who’s blog I used to read.

I looked in my wallet, found I had no cash, so presented my credit card to the cashier. He look confused, and started talking to me in Norwegian – my friend smiled across at me with her toothy grin, and started translating.

“They don’t take cards – only these”

She held up some kind of square device that could be scanned by a reader. It was some kind of gold coloured square imprinted on a card. She then offered to write a cheque to cover my food and drink while I told her it was fine, and I could just put the things back. I think she paid – I don’t remember.

I’m not sure what happened next, but we were at her house – which was a wooden building, with a yard. I feel like there was something happening there, but my memory is very hazy – I remember the supermarket, but not the house so much. The house was out-of-town, among woodland. It was dark.

And then I woke up.

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