The In-Between

I’m back in the office today, and curiously devoid of immediately pressing work. I have a notebook full of notes from the day-out yesterday, but suspect the project might not kick off for several days. So far I have spent the morning filing expenses, reading through notes, and shuffling paperwork. I also tried out a few things I confidently described to the client yesterday, mostly to satisfy my own paranoia.

There is a Filofax on my desk. My Filofax. I’m thinking about retiring it, and just reverting to a paper notebook filled with scribble. I don’t really use the diary any more, because I have Google Calendar on my phone (and my phone is invariably welded to my hip), and to be honest writing notes in the Filofax is a rubbish experience because of the gigantic metal binding in the middle. There’s a part of me (the stationary nerd) that wants to hang on to it, but there’s another part of me (the one that carries my backpack, weighed down with unneccessary rubbish) that would rather I got shot of it.

Through a random clicking adventure at lunchtime I happened upon a Pinterest page where somebody had compiled 1001 “neat” ideas for things to do in your Bullet Journal – full of pointless lists to record how long you slept last night in a colourful bar-graph, when you last did any exercise (I wonder if walking to the train station counts?), and so on. I could almost feel the sarcasm building within me, and the urge to write a similar page with “twenty ways to pick your nose”, or “ten ways to scratch the middle of your back”. The irony is not lost that I write a personal blog, which is of no use to anybody.

Maybe there should be a procrastination superhero. “Not Getting it Done Man”, or something similar. He could be in the midst of a huge emergency, but find ten things he needs to do instead. Maybe his sidekick could be “Responds Well to Pressure Girl” ?


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