I’m sitting in the office at work after spending much of the morning writing documents. The temperature has been steadily climbing throughout the morning – it’s currently hovering around 29 centigrade. It doesn’t help that I’m inbetween major projects, so can’t really get on with anything of substance that might make the day pass more quickly.

You might think an absence of work would lead to a deluge of blog posts, but the truth is that unless I have some damn fool escapade or other to write about, I end up navel gazing about nothing at all in very short order. I’m pretty good at writing about nothing though – as evidenced by 4000 blog posts stretching back to 2003 – I just don’t think people are that interested in mundane pontification.

I have another work trip coming next week – to the north of England once more – so can at least hope the train journey and hotel stay will conjure something worth recording. When I started travelling with work years ago, I envisaged a world where I would get to know hotel staff, and perhaps a few fellow travellers that I regularly cross paths with. Unfortunately that only happens in movies – you never see the same person twice, and invariably the people that inhabit hotel bars are exactly the kind of people you would rather avoid.

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